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NFPA 13D Residential Pump System

Deluxe Series with 300 Gallon tank shown.

Raimondo Fire Systems
Residential Pump Systems

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The Raimondo Fire System is a simple solution to the problem of insufficient water supply in a residential sprinkler system (NFPA 13D applications).

Take a look at our new design for NFPA 13D Residential applications. Like the former Life Line Systems these new units are economical, reliable and require no assembly. We have added many new features while maintaining the quality and efficiency that you have come to expect from Raimondo.

  • Highest Quality Construction and Components
  • Completely Pre-assembled
  • Two Standard Tank Sizes - custom sizes available
  • Factory Tested
  • Custom Built to your specifications
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Quality - Raimondo Fire Systems only offers products of the highest quality to our customers, settling for a second rate solution is not acceptable in the Fire Protection Industry.

Reliability - Quality and reliability are not always mutually inclusive. That is why the products and services we offer are thoroughly researched and industry tested to be products that you and your customers can depend on.

Experience - Good judgement begins with experience and where fire protection is concerned there is no substitute for either. Our 25 years of fire protection industry experience makes for a company you can rely on.

Value - Quality, reliability and cost come together to create value. Each of our product lines are sensitive to this equation and to the need of our customers to use the best equipment at the best price.

Alarmed Backflow System

Alarmed Backflow System
for Residential Fire Protection

The Insure Flow, alarmed residential backflow system, is new to our product line and the residential fire protection industry. There is a growing problem of unsupervised closure of backflow control valves that render the entire sprinkler system useless. It is a problem that can go unseen until a fire event takes place. The Insure Flow is designed to prevent this from happening.

The Insure Flow includes an approved backflow control valve, flow switch, test and drain assembly and more all in an easy to install, pre-assembled and pre-tested design. Most importantly each unit is alarmed for closed valves and system flow.

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DecoShield Cover Systems
DecoShield Cover System  

Raimondo Fire Systems is the premier distributor for DecoShield Cover Systems for the New England Region.

DecoShield Systems offer a variety of ways to retrofit existing buildings with a minimum of disruption and mess. These modular systems surface mount on interior walls and ceilings saving time and money!


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